December 1, 2022
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SiteManager FC™ commercial! Hear directly from Brett what SiteManager FC™ can do for you and how it can revolutionize your existing or future website!

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Hello, my name is Brett Scyrkels, owner of Full Circle Web Designs and primary web developer/designer.

I have been designing/developing websites, logos and other web related tools for over 8 years. I began in 1999 with basic HTML and started off with a "What You See Is What You Get" like Microsoft Frontpage. Good tool like others out there and it helped me get my feet wet.

Well, a couple of years passed and I had learned the basics of web development with HTML and then I came across PHP and MySQL. PHP is a server-side includes language and coupled with MySQL database you can create dynamic, revolutionary websites. With these new skills, I began to create what is now SiteManager FC™. The idea was to give others that didn't know or want to know the coding, the ability to make changes to their website without the use of a clumsy tool. Also, the idea was to have the management tool web accessible, so updates could be made from any computer with Internet access and a compatible web browser.

This idea has become reality for several customers and they no longer have to wait for someone else to make changes to their website. Nor do they have to jump through hoops to learn a cumbersome tool. SiteManager FC™ is easy to use, intuitive enough for an Internet novice and exciting to see your creativity come to life.

In May 2007, I graduated from Oklahoma Weselyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. The education and knowledge I gained from the degree program has helped with my business venture and has equipped me to provide to my clients innovative solutions in marketing, advertising, and business operations. Not only do I offer web site solutions, I offer assistance in revolutionizing your business and helping you to reach your full potential in your business venture.

Thank you again for browsing our website and please contact us if you have any questions about Full Circle Web Designs products.

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